TUTORIAL – How to Make Payment

How to make payments

User Guide for Sender

After the job has been posted, you can make payment with the following steps.

How do I make a payment?

Go to your Boon4 App.

You will see this welcome screen, click on “More” icon at the top left.

Click on “My Packages”.

You will see the job with “Payment Pending” listed here under Tab “Active”, click on it to check the job

You can click on “Delivery Cost” to check the cost breakdown details.

These are the details of Cost Breakdown.

Click on “Pay” to make payment.

You will go to this screen before redirecting to the payment page.

Select the preferred payment option and input your payment details, then continue with “Proceed” button.

This is the sample of making payment with Credit Card.

You will receive an app notification on the successful payment after everything is done!

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