Tutorial: How to Accept Jobs

How to accept  Boon4 jobs

User Guide for Driver

After you’ve been approved as Boon4 driver, there are few important things that you need to remember before heading out to pick-up and deliver. Read this article to learn how to start and complete a job.

How do I start and complete a job?

Go to your Boon4 Driver App, in “Available Jobs” section, you will see some red circles with numbers on the map, these are jobs available with total driving distance.

You can change the job view in Map or Listing by pressing the top right icon.

This is the Listing view of jobs available, check and select the job that you are interested to drive.

In the job page that you’ve clicked on it and decided to drive, start the job by clicking on “Offer to Drive”.

You will receive a notification if your offer is accepted by the Sender. You can click on that notification or go to “My Jobs” to start the job.

In the job page, you can text Sender with “Message” button or make a call to Sender with “Call” button. These functions allow you to inform Sender your ETA or any other information on pick-up /delivery.

These are the samples of sending message to Sender.

 After clicking on “Message” button in the job page, type your message in the box, and click “Submit” to send message.

You will receive notification when the Sender replies you.

This is the sample of the chatroom. You can type your message in the “Say something” box.

When you are ready to drive to the pick-up location, click on “Start Job” button. This step is important to let Sender to know your ETA.


*For Schedule Job, you can only start the job one hour before the scheduled time

(i.e. if the scheduled time is 2pm, you can only click Start Job at 1pm or later).


*For Express Job, you can start the job anytime, and must reach pick-up location within one hour.

When you have reached the pick-up location and collected the item, get the Pick Up code from Sender and click on “+Add Pick up Code”.

Key the Pick up code given by the Sender and continue with “Confirm Pick up” button.

You can now start to drive to the drop-off location to send the item. When you have reached the drop-off location, click on “Reached at Drop Off (A)” button.

*Please take note that Boon4 Driver should never request the Recipient to leave the building / house and collect the item themselves as Boon4 is offering door-to-door deliveries.


Get the Delivery Code from the recipient, click on “+ Confirm Drop Off” to input the code.

You are required to take a photo as proof of delivery.

Take a photo of signed Delivery Order (DO)


photo of Recipient receiving the item

(with or without face showing) if DO is not available.

Take photo by clicking on “Add Photo

You will be redirected to the Camera page, take a photo. 

 Get the Delivery Code from Recipient and input it to “Add Delivery Code” box.

This is the sample of photo taken with Delivery Code, after everything is input, continue with “Confirm”.

The job is only considered complete when you click on “Tap to Complete Job”, click on it to complete the job

You can rate the Customer here.

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