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Best Services Courier In Malaysia

Whether it’s to get a package you ordered online or to send something out yourself, you can only be certain of its delivery if you use the best courier services in Malaysia.

Boon Four推介Boon4 App 提供有效率上门取货运输系统

为了让群众拥有更专业化的快递服务,并提供更有效率的上门取货运输系统,Boon Four (Boon4) 日前推介了一站式运输快递手机应用程序(Boon4 App),放眼在全马与东南亚国家成为网络运输快递服务的佼佼者,更希望该程序能成为群众不可或缺的一部分。

Harian Metro; Boon4 sasar khidmat penghantaran pantas

pembekal e-penghantaran, Boon4 menyasarkan khidmat profesional dan pantas kepada pelanggan dengan konsep penjimatan daripada penggunaan kertas dan pembungkusan.

Boon4 Official Launched e-delivery Mobile App in Malaysia

e-delivery process can be a challenging as you need to ensure the good delivery on time to you customers. Plus you might caught in the jam, whether the goods still in a good condition or the charges is too expensive for the transportation. Introduce Boon4, the first e-delivery service in Malaysia.

First On-The-Way e-Delivery Service in Malaysia @ Boon4

If you are, say, headed from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, happen to see that somebody is offering you to pay RM180, or maybe a shorter distance from Kajang to Klang that offering to pay RM50 for you to pick something up on the way, why not do it?

Boon4 - Aplikasi e-Delivery mudah, jimat dan pantas

Contohnya anda nak hantar kuih raya yang banyak ke kampung. Kebetulan pulak anda tahu adik anda memang nak balik kampung kan. Mestilah anda tumpang kuih raya sekali. Betul tak? Lepas tu mesti anda tak sampai hati nak tumpang cenggitu je kan. Anda bayar lah upah sikit kat adik tu. Ha, macam ni lah Konsep Boon4!

Aplikasi Boon4 untuk servis penghantaran cepat & terbaik

Bagi Ney, aplikasi Boon4 ni memang memudahkan Ney dalam urusan penghantaran barang kepada customer. Barang juga selamat untuk dihantar walaupun korang tak de packaging yang proper untuk barang tu. Lagi-lagi barang fragile kan biasa kena packing lebih sikit. Takpe, guna Boon4 ni dijamin selamat!

轩外之音| Boon4 是东南亚首个“在路上”的送货服务| 不要让时间成为一个问题

关于 Boon4,它是跨城市或跨州,提供同一天,周末或公共假期,即使是在晚上,也能完成或送达包裹的方案提供商。

Boon4 First On-The-Way Delivery in Malaysia

Senders are able to book deliveries by using Boon4 by downloading their app on Andriod devices and IOS devices, which means they can use Boon4 services anytime, anywhere of the day and the best of all is they work 24/7 a week, if you're looking to send out items on weekends it's also do-able.

Boon4 the new e-delivery service in Malaysia!

There is a new e-delivery service available in Malaysia. It is called Boon4. It is a platform where it connects driver and sender thats required a delivery services. And it also claim to be South East Asia's first delivery service that is "on the way" and zero packaging cost. And that's why Boon4 able to provide fast, low cost delivery for senders and rewards driver for trips that they already taking.

Boon4 - on the way e-delivery platform

Boon4 ini dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan yang selamat digunakan,dan dijamin barangan yang dikirim sampai kepada penerimanya.Selalunya ramai yang menggunakan laluan yang sama dan pada masa yang sama ada yang mahu mengirim barang di destinasi tertentu. Dengan aplikasi Boon4 ini akan memudahkan urusan kiriman barang dan para pengguna dapat menjimatkan masa.

好康 | Boon4 @ On The Way 在路上 ~ 时间距离不是问题

最近我在忙什么呢?除了忙孩子,偶尔从股市偷鸡,再来就是找一些‘素材’ 来写博客,和大家分享好康咯~ 上星期五就出席了BOON4应用程式推介礼!

BOON4 - 快速、省钱及更安全的全新一站式运输快递手机程序

为了提供专业的快递服务,打造更有效率的上门取货运输系统,BOON FOUR Network Malaysia正式推介全新Boon4一站式运输快递手机应用程序,能有效地处理紧急、同日或预订快递服务,为各大商业及独立用户提供快速、省钱及安全的运输快递服务,打造指尖上的便利。

Boon Four推介Boon4 App 提供有效率上门取货运输系统

为了让群众拥有更专业化的快递服务,并提供更有效率的上门取货运输系统,Boon Four (Boon4) 日前推介了一站式运输快递手机应用程序(Boon4 App),放眼在全马与东南亚国家成为网络运输快递服务的佼佼者,更希望该程序能成为群众不可或缺的一部分

Boon4 – On The Way E-delivery Platform.

If you don’t know, Boon4 is actually the first ever Malaysian company that helps to connect drivers on the road with the person who wants to send an item and it was founded in 2017 by K.S Soon. On the other word, it is an on the way e-delivery platform.

An Angry Client Call Led To A Logistics Startup That Brought In RM2 Mil In Its First Year

When we heard of his company name—Boon4, we were pretty perplexed as to what it means, Sei Soon explained that “Boon” is a based on the English word for favour or request that is beneficial for someone. While “4” means “for”.

Borneo Entrepreneur & Investment Convention

砂擬設數碼自貿區倉庫 (古晉19日訊)砂州首長拿督巴丁宜阿邦佐哈里表示,為提升商業物流流程,砂拉越計劃在三馬再也工業區建造數碼自由貿易區倉庫,讓企業家可以置放產品庫存,方便企業業者將產品集聚,并運送到國內外市場。 他說,在推出一向產品上,創意也扮演著重要角色,而砂拉越需要更多具創意企業家,帶領推動邁向數碼經濟。 …

Tech先知‧快遞外送市場大 初創公司冀闖出成績 | 中國報 China Press

Tech先知‧快遞外送市場大 初創公司冀闖出成績|中國報 報導:盧慧儀 在這個生活步伐日益加速的時代,越來越多人尋求代勞以換取便利和時間,這促使國內包裹和食品運輸外送服務的需求不斷攀升,也促使更多初創企業加入外送平台的行列。 這包括運輸物流服務為主的Boon4,及目前聚焦巴生地區的食品外送服務平台Foodway。 …

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