Hamper Delivery

Boon4 Hamper Delivery


Courier your hampers via Boon4Driver. We don’t charge for size, just distance. As long as the hamper(s) can fit in the car, we can deliver it via our despatch.

Due to hamper sizes, normal couriers usually won’t accept them along with their fragility. Why not use an on-demand e-delivery courier service like Boon4? You don’t need to put wrap your hamper
with any additional wrapping paper. Deliver it as it is.

Celebration hampers or Seasonal hampers. We deliver them. Chinese New Year hampers, Hari Raya hampers, Christmas hampers, Job Promotion Hamper, Baby Shower hamper.

You name it, we deliver it.

Our service is available all over Malaysia and we have offices located in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor and Sarawak.


Boon4Drivers are professional drivers that have gone through a background check to ensure quality and consistency. We handpick our Drivers for you, as we know which Drivers are best suited for the job. From the vehicle they use, to how often they do hamper delivery. Trust Boon4 that you’re in good hands.

Our Boon4Driver also ensure that your hampers are:

Delivered, within the specified time frame


Kept in a cool area for heat-sensitive items like chocolate

(Air-conditioned vehicle)

Not under direct sunlight


Upright, so the items in the hampers are steady

Delivered to your customers, by hand.

Our drivers are taught to deliver it personally, instead of calling your customers to find their car in a dodgy parking lot or rushing them to come over to the valet area.

“Okay.. but other e-delivery services are doing the same thing. Why should I choose Boon4?”

E-Delivery Platform on Mobile App and Web

Arrange your deliveries via phone or laptop, whichever is more convenient for you.

24/7 Customer Service Hotline

Drop us a Whatsapp text at +6016 969 2666 and watch how fast we reply, even after working hours and on weekends. 😉

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking of your item and driver.

Live Chat with your Driver.

Or us. Whichever you prefer. We don’t bite.

No packaging needed

Boon4 delivers your item the way it is.

As long as it fits.

We deliver anything and everything, as long as it fits in a vehicle. Cars, SUV, MPV, 3-tonne lorry. What are you looking to deliver?

Same Day Delivery.

Urgent? We personally work hard to find a Driver for you in Urgent situations.

Door-to-Door Delivery.

Our Boon4Drivers will go to you.

Size doesn’t matter.

We only charge according to the distance travelled and not the weightage of your item(s).

07-02, Tower B, Vertical Business Suite, Bangsar South, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monday – FrIday, 9.30 am – 6.30pm

+60 169692666


Boon4 is an e-delivery company that specializes in Same Day*, On-The-Way, Urgent and Scheduled Deliveries all over Malaysia. We have four branches in Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur (HQ), Johor, Penang and Sarawak. We have further expansion plans into Jakarta, Indonesia in 2019.

If you’re a business keen on Same Day* Delivery to your customers, get in touch with us today at enquiries@boon4.com.

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