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What Makes Us Better?

At Boon4, we see the challenges businesses in Malaysia face and we strive to deliver a solution. With a scalable delivery service that is efficient, now you can focus more on growing the business and profits.

Extend Your Omnichannel

Create seamless customer experience with a local day delivery that’s always ready to move.

Serve Your Customers

Deliver satisfaction to your customers while we deliver what you want.

Reliable Service

We are there when you need it, last minute or in advance. On time, every time.

Based On Distance, Not Weight Or Size

Cheaper than the rest, Boon4 delivers.


Live updates, multiple picks and drops, on the spot pricing, and trusted drivers working for you.

Across cities or states

Improve profit margins with a wider delivery reach to anyone anywhere.

How Boon4 Works?

Grow your market with wider fleet of drivers and adaptive technology that is designed to empower you. Book easily and deliver quickly.

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Frequently asked questions

From cupcakes to kittens to couches, you can send pretty much anything that’s legal with the Boon4 app. Need to send something oversized or out-of-the-box? Boon4 to the rescue! Many of our drivers have large trucks and vans, and they’re perfect for delivering hard-to-transport items that traditional shipping companies can’t handle. But remember, our drivers aren’t movers, so please make sure there’s someone at the pickup and delivery locations to do the heavy lifting.

There are certain products that are considered against the law to be shipped to-and-fro within Malaysia.

We have listed some of those items below :

  • Most animal furs, animal hair and wool
  • Endangered animals and their skins/body parts
  • Knives (flick, gravity, spring and butterfly knives)
  • Samurai swords longer than 50cm
  • Eggs
  • Straw, soil
  • Banned drugs like cannabis, marijuana, et cetera
  • Counterfeit goods, coins and banknotes
  • Lottery materials
  • Child pornography 
  • Indecent or obscene materials
  • Video senders (equipment capable of transmitting video images)

It’s free to join the Boon4 community and get an instant estimate on any item you want to deliver. Deliveries, which we call “Jobs”, vary by size and distance, but most Senders find that we’re a faster, cheaper delivery option, whether you’re delivering cupcakes across town or sending a couch 3 states away.

Best of all, since Boon4 lets your cargo ride commando, you’ll save money on boxes and packing supplies.

From college students and retirees to soccer moms and truckers, Boon4 drivers are people with extra room and a few extra minutes to give your stuff a lift. One thing they all have in common? Every Boon4 driver is subject to driver’s license verification and has an insurance policy that meets or exceeds the minimum auto requirements in their country. Plus, Boon4 Drivers are rated by the community and must maintain a minimum 4-star rating to stay active as drivers.

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