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Boon4 is the first “on the way” e-delivery service in Malaysia that puts extra space in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people with items to send with drivers heading in the same direction.

Boon4’s collaborative model enables fast, flexible, low-cost delivery for senders and rewards drivers for trips they were already taking.


discover 'on the way' delivery

There’s an invisible transportation grid under all our feet, made up of the patterns and places we drive each day, commuting to work or school, running errands, doing road trips or taking family vacations. 

At Boon4, we’re working hard every day to tap into that excess capacity and transform it into a public utility — one that has the power to move things faster, more efficiently and more sustainable than ever before.

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Boon4 Founder

Ks.Soon is a serial entrepreneur who founded Boon4 in 2017. The idea come from when KS Soon as a salesman got an urgent required to his client in Johor Bahru which saying that the machine that you supplied had broken down and required to get the spare part from kL deliver to jb ASAP,or else his client might sue him for the losses. Luckily one of his friend saved the day and he had plans to visit a client at Johor, so his friend helped to pick up the spare part and delivered it straight to Sei Soon at JB.

There’re so many people travelling every hour on the road, what if I create an app that will link together those who are driving to help people pick up and deliver items on the way to their destinations and get paid for it? ”


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